We promise to:

  • Exceed all expectations in providing you with unparalleled dental care.
  • Listen to your needs and treat you with dignity, respect, compassion and understanding.
  • Provide a warm and friendly environment, to ease anxiety and increase comfort and well-being.
  • Provide you with the advice and treatment required to enable you to maintain your teeth and mouth in excellent condition in order to minimize and prevent future treatment.
  • Fully explain all recommended treatment options so that you can choose the treatment you receive.
  • Provide you with a written quote before commencing treatment and find a payment option suitable for you.
  • To respect your time and run on time as much as possible.
  • Exceed all requirements for standards of safety, sterility and cross-infection control.
  • Use only the highest quality materials and only proven, safe and biocompatible materials and techniques.
  • Use state of the art equipment and technology and the highest quality dental laboratory.
  • Strive to constantly stay at the forefront of the profession by acquiring new knowledge, skills and technology.
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