Dentistry is so much more than just having healthy teeth. It is about feeling and looking terrific and having a reason to show your beautiful smile.

As well as your overall appearance, the appearance of your teeth and smile is extremely important to your self-confidence and success in every aspect of life.

We believe that all dentistry should achieve aesthetic results whether we are simply maintaining your current smile or changing it for the better. Mal-aligned, discoloured, crooked and chipped teeth or gaps in your smile can be corrected with a variety of beautiful techniques and treatments.

  • Composite Restorations (bonding) can instantaneously transform misshapen or overlapping teeth making them indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • When you need crowns, bridges or implants we at Pearl Dental know how important it that they look completely natural. Traditional techniques use porcelain and metal which can leave the teeth looking dull and lifeless or even with an unsightly dark line where the tooth meets the gum. Our all-ceramic crowns made of zirconia, together with computer aided design technology (CAD-CAM) ensures your crowns look beautiful and natural.
  • Porcelain Veneers (or laminates) look incredibly natural and are long lasting. They are made of ultra-thin customized material and are designed to slide over the front of your teeth. Being resistant to staining they are an excellent option for stained, chipped, injured, or mal-aligned teeth.
  • Teeth whitening is an incredibly effective and painless way to give you a whiter, brighter, younger smile, improving both your appearance and confidence.

Click here to see our Smile Gallery with examples of our cosmetic dentistry. Whatever aesthetic technique is suitable for you – the best part is knowing that dentistry can also be fun and rewarding!

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