Regular examinations form the backbone of your dental care. How often you visit us will depend on your mouth and its oral health condition. At your first visit your dentist will take your medical history as well as carrying out a thorough examination of your mouth. Routine examinations will be to check for decay, broken restorations, gum disease and Oral Cancer.

Digital x-rays may be taken during an examination and also by using our intra-oral camera we are able to actually show you what is happening inside your mouth.

We try to convey to our patients the importance of routine check ups. Visiting your dentist regularly is the best way to prevent problems – this can save you money, rather than waiting until one problem leads to another and extensive treatment is needed.

Routine check-ups at Pearl Dental are free of charge. After examining your teeth, any suggested treatment will be explained to you and should extensive work be required, a full written plan and quotation will be given.

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