Fear of Dental Treatment

Here at Pearl Dental, we are aware that many patients have real fears of dental treatment.

Whether it stems from previous bad experiences or simply the fear of pain, we aim to tackle your fears and make them a thing of the past. You will find our dentists and staff very approachable and more than happy to discuss many ways of reducing apprehension.

For some patients all that is required is to feel that they will be listened to, receive full explanations of all procedures and know what to expect. For others, we provide personal earphones to listen to music of your choice. For the particularly anxious patient we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available. This is inhaled through a face mask, and reduces anxiety without putting you to sleep. Nitrous oxide can be used by young and old alike, and its effects are very safe, wearing off almost immediately after treatment. It allows the slight detachment and sense of well-being that some patients need to help them get through treatment and it is often used (and enjoyed!) by many.

Please do not let your fears be a barrier to a healthy and beautiful smile – talk to us.

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