Missing Teeth / Implants

If you are missing teeth how can they be replaced? In the past there were only two options available: dentures (removable false teeth) or bridges.

In the last 20 years or so the biggest revolution in dentistry has been Implants. Now you can avoid the stigma associated with removable teeth or the drilling of healthy teeth to make a bridge.

With implants we can secure artificial teeth to your jaw in a permanent, stable and aesthetic way.

We utilize the latest techniques and technology from Nobel Biocare (www.nobelbiocare.com) and other leading implant companies – in tandem with top class specialists and surgeons to provide advanced solutions for missing teeth. These techniques simplify the surgical process, often avoiding the need for extra surgical procedures, making the whole treatment more efficient and less painful.

Implant technologies are constantly developing, becoming quicker, simpler and more comfortable. We at Pearl Dental are at the crest of the wave and can find a solution for you.

…And if implants are not for you?
There are those for whom implants are not appropriate and of course we excel in the provision of natural looking, comfortable dentures and conventional bridges.

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