At Pearl Dental we are able to provide orthodontics to straighten your teeth.
Orthodontics is the practice of moving teeth and, whether as an Adult you have never had braces, or if you did your teeth have become crooked again or if your children are ready for braces we utilize the most modern techniques and technologies to find the option that suits you.

For most people, a spectacular smile is the obvious benefit of orthodontics. Nobody can deny that straight teeth are visually appealing. A beautiful smile leads to enhanced self-esteem, and is universally accepted sign of health and beauty. But a smile that is straight is also healthy. Straight teeth are easy to keep clean, free of harmful plaque that causes decay and gum disease. Well aligned teeth and jaws provide optimal function. Tooth wear is greatly reduced, and the jaw joints are allowed to function with less stress and greater comfort. 
Here are the Orthodontic technologies that we offer at Pearl Dental. Ring us to schedule an appointment to find out what suits you best.

Clear Aligners

With custom made, clinically proven clear plastic trays we are able to straighten your teeth. This system is ideally suited to small minor movements such as correcting teeth that have moved out of the arch, or the single tooth that has always stuck out a bit. It is virtually invisible, pain less and inexpensive and can be finished in as little as 3 months. 
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SmartClip Self-Ligating Braces

SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Braces are fast, fixed, orthodontic braces that do not use elastics. These braces work quicker, are more comfortable and easier to keep clean. By using SmartClip you will experience less visits to the practice and 4-6 months less treatment time. 

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Clear Fixed Braces

Clear brackets and white wires create near invisible clear braces (invisibraces) – an aesthetic fixed appliance as once worn by Tom Cruise.
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Lingual braces Incognito™ Braces

Lingual braces are different to other braces as they are fitted to the inside of the teeth. This makes lingual braces completely invisible braces. An invisibrace such as this is ideal for those who require orthodontic treatment but do not wish to compromise their appearance.
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